The Simple Things

I’d been contemplating writing about the simple things in life. Those seemingly insignificant moments that make life worth living. Then I had two days in a row that rocked me to the core. Life and all it’s complexities had worn me down to the point of having a good teary in the middle of the living room floor. Long story short, this year we celebrated the biggest achievement of our lives, our Little, who brought with him all the life changing events and hormones and tiredness and adjustment and excitment and 24/7 need for attention that new borns do. Only life goes on, with the afore mentioned complexities that at times have also snatched their fair share of attention and worn us down. So there I was. Bit messy, bit snotty, bit worn down by it all. I couldn’t write that post now.

For me there’s only one thing to do when I get to a point like that. Get out. Preferably somewhere in the wilderness, or even just a tree will do. Get away from the house, as far as possible, get in the car, get out the pram, just get out. With Little in his pram we set off, purposely choosing the most hilly path so I could work out the negative. We wound our way around the neighbourhood, weaving up and down streets and in and out of lanes. Somewhere amongst this I thought ‘why not’? Why not write about the simple things in life that make me happy. Now more than ever it’s the time to focus on the good. So here they are. The simple things in life that fill me with that warm golden glow kind of happiness.

1. When Little laughs in his sleep whilst still attached to my breast.

2. Listening to Little and my partner play and laugh in the other room.

3. Watching Little sleep, arms all akimbo, hair standing on end with his little snorts.

4. When my partner and I get a case of the rediculous and laugh until it hurts.

5. When he holds my hand.

6. When my family get together and drink good wine and eat good food and talk over the top of each other.

7. Being on a mountain. Either trekking in warm weather or boarding in winter.

8. Snow. Jumping up and down in it, making snow angels, running in deep drifts, rolling in it, carving through it, feeling it fall on my face, hearing my boots crunch on it or the deep muffled silence that settles on you when standing still in the middle of a heavy fall. It makes me feel the freedom of childhood again and fills me with a heart racing kind of happiness.

There are many more. Waking in a tent, fly fishing with my dad, ocean fishing with my partner, cups of tea and cake with my girlfriends but that will suffice for now. Just thinking about the things I would include made my steps lighten, my stiff arms begin to swing and my forward staring eyes drift to the sunlight filtering through the fruit trees lining the road. I chatted to Little and he babbled back, clearly more content with happy mummy.

Then there was this.

Little and dad.

My Partner came home from work. Little crawled as fast as he could to greet him at the back door and held his arms up to be held by his dad. The three of us hugged all smooshed up together at once, then we went for a walk, with little on his dads shoulders. Could life possibly be any better?

What’s your happy place?


About Roxanne P-CH

Partner, mum, passionate teacher, lover of the outdoors and all things snow. Tapping at keys and scrawling on paper. Having words my way.
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9 Responses to The Simple Things

  1. Enid Bite'Em says:

    The simple things are really all that is, anyway.

    Also, sand angels. It was my 3-y-o (now 5-y-o’s) idea. We live near a beach. Sometimes I’ve been really tempted to do them on MY OWN, in front of the dog walkers, but so far I usually wait until he is with me πŸ™‚

  2. Roxanne P-CH says:

    I definately think you should do one when on your own. Imaging how free and liberated you will feel!

  3. mark says:

    Life is such a beautiful experience for those who let it into heir lives. We had a cancer scare on Thursday and had a weekend of absolute horror and realisation. We love each other we should always remember the love we have around us

  4. There is so much to be thankful for and to be happy for, isn’t there? I love hearing my kids laughing and playing with their dad too, it’s wonderful to watch the love and happiness that comes from the little things. I hope you can continue to enjoy them!

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