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Grabbing the Christmas Horns.

Yesterday morning I packed the car and Little and drove south. Climbing the hills that look down on the city and across the river over to the dry hills of the sunkissed shore opposite and out to the islands beyond. … Continue reading

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Preparing to be underprepared.

I was told nothing prepares you for parenthood. It’s true. I knew it would change everything, but my life as I knew it is gone. I knew it would be hard but it’s so incredibly hard and unrelenting at times. … Continue reading

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Christmas Wish List

Enid Bite ‘Em passed on the baton in Essentially Jess’s ‘What Are Your Top 5 Christmas Wishes?’, so here they are. Ok Santa, here’s the deal. I’ve been asked to write my Christmas wish list. Whilst I should ask for … Continue reading

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Parental Guilt

Little is nine months old soon. Once, for two hours, he was cared for by my parents. Every other minute of his life has been spent with his mum or dad.* We haven’t gone out together without him. Three times … Continue reading

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Dolls, value and getting lost in tales.

Being the exciting couple we are, my partner and I were watching the Antiques Roadshow. During the programme a doll was brought in to be assessed by the experts. I have to admit I payed little attention to the initial … Continue reading

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