Grabbing the Christmas Horns.

Yesterday morning I packed the car and Little and drove south. Climbing the hills that look down on the city and across the river over to the dry hills of the sunkissed shore opposite and out to the islands beyond. We drove south through the valleys and eventually to a small home with bush surrounds and views of some of our countries most southern mountains. Mum and dads.

I had attempted three times in the last week to watch Love Actually with a glass of wine. I had bought material to make Christmas stockings and gotten as far as cutting some out. I had written half a post about why christmas is so special to me. I am a lover of the Christmas season, and this is my sons first, so where was my Chrissy chi? Well, a crying, teething, flu ridden baby had stamped on some of it for starters. So yesterday I took control and decided it was beyond time to feel festive and be deliriously happy, I was taking Christmas by the horns.

So it was that I drove south, to the small home with a lot of love. We played Bing Crosby Christmas carols, we made traditional Christmas goodies, we ate them. All. We talked of Christmas past and present, of the people who had made our Christmasses so wonderful who are no longer here and of many nothing in particulars. We walked around the landscaped gardens and pond, Little panted at the dog.


That night, after popping the last Christmas chocolate truffle into my mouth I sewed together three stockings and hung them on the mantle piece to await Santa Clause. I guess this year I decided to start the Christmas magic myself and not sit around waiting for something magical to happen to me.

How’s your pre-Christmas going? Relaxing into holiday mode, stressing about the length of your to do list or feeling a bit like it’s just another day?


About Roxanne P-CH

Partner, mum, passionate teacher, lover of the outdoors and all things snow. Tapping at keys and scrawling on paper. Having words my way.
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8 Responses to Grabbing the Christmas Horns.

  1. Naomi says:

    Wait…you ate ALL the Christmas goodies?

  2. Toni says:

    Beautiful word picture, what a lovely way to start off the Christmas feelings. x

    • Roxanne P-CH says:

      I keep starting then loosing them! Maybe it’s because I’m not working so I’m not getting the giddy feeling of ‘fuck yeah! Holidays!’ That usually gets me feeling all festive. As a little festy the next day. Won’t miss that this year! X

  3. Enid Bite'Em says:

    I’ve already eaten the truffles I made (truffles being a v. creative word, they only have 4 basic ingredients), but I LOVE BING and that photo is gorgeous. Hope your little man is feeling better soon πŸ™‚

    • Roxanne P-CH says:

      Have had to make three batches now! I say truffles but yeah, the biscuits, condensed milk, cocoa and coconut balls. Yummo! I couldn’t have a post harking on about chocolate balls now could I?!

  4. stressed out of my mind of my own doing.

    Your Christmas already sounds blissful to me. Enjoy making new traditions.

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