The 30 minute unpolished turd.

I started to blog recently because I wanted to write. I wanted to explore who I am now, have an outlet, share, reach out. You can read about that here. But, and there’s always a but, I’m so bloody tired. My beautiful boy sleeps well at night but on the flip side has only two naps of 30 mins duration during the day. That’s one broken hour to myself. The first half is spent on my exercise bike, the second is eaten up by any number of things.

I have so much I want to write about. My family, friends, the mundane and the insane. At Christmas I started a post about my great Aunt, how she was Christmas personified to me. I wanted to write a post that would do the memory of her justice. Got to 5 lines before I was needed. When the recent shootings were happening in America I was sickened by some of the opinions out there. I wanted to explore how having the right to an opinion doesn’t make it the right opinion and what does. Keep an eye out, I will get around to them, maybe not until next Christmas, but I will. Sorry if the suspense is killing you.

With the crazy busy that comes with the Christmas period, let alone having to do two Christmases, and the impending doom of returning to work after a year on materntiy leave and the preparation it requires, the squeeze hold on my allotted amount of time only feels tighter.

So I’m thinking I may just have to change the name of my blog. “The 30 Minute Blog”? I do an exercise with my students where we write non stop for a specific amount of time. The rules are:
1. No stopping
2. No Thinking (thinking allows the voice of doubt to sneak in, question if it’s good enough and stop you)
3. No talking
4. No rules (you know, the silly little spelling and grammar rules that stop us writing because we’re not sure. Exception these 4 rules)

I give them, or they choose, a topic and off we go. All of us scrawling away on paper or tapping at keys for 1,2,5 minutes on some random topic. My favourite is poo. Who doesn’t have a great poo story? That will just have to be another post in the waiting me thinks. Anyway, I’m thinking my challenge is not just to blog, but blog quickly, write one copy, not over think or over edit, or even edit, just tap it out and hit share. Yeah it will be as unpolished as the aformentioned turds, but it’s the only way this is going to happen. Ah, crap, times up.

Here’s a random song you may enjoy in your spare time! For no reason other than it came on while I was writing this, it’s an old favourite and I have no other ideas for images or clips to go with this besides shiny poos. Enjoy!


About Roxanne P-CH

Partner, mum, passionate teacher, lover of the outdoors and all things snow. Tapping at keys and scrawling on paper. Having words my way.
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8 Responses to The 30 minute unpolished turd.

  1. Enid Bite'Em says:

    Good luck :), I find myself speed-blogging a lot these days or not at all! – they’re usually the only choices, and come February I probably won’t even have that. Would like to read the ‘right opinion’ post even if next Christmas πŸ™‚

    • Roxanne P-CH says:

      Yep! I keep counting the weeks, should stop, doing my head in. Will def get onto the opinion piece. My blood was at boiling point with all the pro gun rubbish flying about.

  2. JPBechtold says:

    Well, if you squeeze a turd hard enough, you get a diamond…wait…that’s coal. Don’t do what i just said…

  3. I find that my best posts (and the ones that resonate with most readers) are the ones that I have written as a stream of consciousness in 10 minutes or less.

    But spell check is ESSENTIAL!

    Go for it.

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