A True Romance Story

I have spent the last week feeling less than ordinary and taking every opportunity I can to lie on the couch in my PJ’s watching movies. Today these kept me company.

romance movies

I’m a sucker for a romance, Pride and Prejudice, Catherine and Heathcliff, Buffy and Spike. The meeting, the uncertainty, the first kiss, the hope for happy ever after. It can seem a world we can’t be part of in real life. That true romance story. I wonder if that is our own short sightedness. That we aren’t recognising the real romance stories.

I have grown up surrounded by a most amazing love story. It is not mine to tell but it has been my priviledge to witness the love of my parents. I have heard the story of how they met so many times, how it wasn’t love at first sight but at first touch as he took her hand to cross the road. Dad tells it with a gleam in his eye. Mum corrects his tale whilst reaching out to pat his hand, laughing at his ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ version. I grew up interupting kisses in the kitchen and wishing I hadn’t seen this or that bottom pat. I watched as my parents who have no rythym on their own swirl in perfect harmony around a dance floor together. I watched the many little things like talking quietly over a cup of tea when they come together at the end of each day. Going for walks hand in hand. Always sharing meals at the table. Going to the movies. Dad flyfishing whilst mum reads on the shore with the dog. Dad returning with an everlasting daisy to add to the collection. When life was tough, they faced it together, and celebrated all the small wins, together.

Six years ago I left a marriage. There were no affairs, no violence, no abuse. When everything is stripped back it was for one main reason. I didn’t have what my parents have. I knew what a true love story looked like, felt like, and I didn’t have it and I felt empty and lonely because I knew better.

Six years ago I went out with a friend for a drink. His mate who I had met many times in the past came along. We talked all night and laughed at how hard it was to walk away when it was time to part. The next weekend we bumped into each other. We talked all night and fell asleep on our friends couch, exhausted by all the talking and sharing. The next week I bumped into him again and was surprised when my legs collapsed under me and I was left gripping a lamp post in order not to fall. We spoke of my failed marriage, his failed engagement, how it was all to soon. And it was to soon. We said we wouldn’t meet again. For now. The next week we bumped into each other again. We gave up, we gave in, we fell in love immediately. There were many sceptics at first, we weren’t two of them. We knew. We ran away to the coast camping for a week, we fished, cooking fresh brim over the hot coals each night, picking over the bones with our fingers. We needed to be alone and find our own space and we needed quiet, our own heads were spinning with the timing and speed of it all. Eight weeks after we met we travelled to Thailand, told each other we were in love. Nine months after we met we moved to London. Two years after we met we had returned and bought a home. Today it is home to three of us with the addition of Little and filled with love. We kiss in the kitchen. He calls me See Girl and pats my bum (he thinks it means sexy in Thai. It doesn’t. It means four). We come together at the end of each day and talk. We face life, all it’s ups and downs, together. Mourning the losses, fighting the hard times and celebrating the wins together.

True romance stories are right there infront of us. May I never be so short sighted as to stop seeing them.


About Roxanne P-CH

Partner, mum, passionate teacher, lover of the outdoors and all things snow. Tapping at keys and scrawling on paper. Having words my way.
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24 Responses to A True Romance Story

  1. This is truly beautiful and inspiring.

  2. mumabulous says:

    Its so wonderful that you found true happiness with your husband. There’s been a bit of talk about couples separating around me at the moment so reading this was extremely heartening. All the best to you and your lovely little family.

    • Roxanne P-CH says:

      Thanks. And thanks for taking the time to comment. Trust me, we annoy each other as much as the next couple, but it’s a good relationship. Thanks to my parents I learnt what a good one is, just took me two goes to get it!

  3. My parents are in love too – it’s a wonderful way to have grown up. It certainly gives you a benchmark! I’m pleased your story has a happy ending too.
    Amanda x

  4. What a wonderful story. I got all goosebumpy as I was reading it. How wonderful for you to have found your romance story, there is nothing more magical than true love. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

  5. Oh Roxanne that’s so beautiful. I love hearing stories of true romance. Just lovely xx

  6. my parents were very much in love as well and growing up seeing that makes you realise how amazing it is when you find the person who you are meant to spend your life with. It was so beautiful to read this thank you so much xx

  7. NΓ©e says:

    Such a beautiful story xx

  8. Mixed Gems says:

    A beautiful story and shows the power of love and of role models. It’s a precious thing to have that.

  9. What a beautiful love story! Thank you for sharing it.

  10. This was the most beautiful story.
    I’m so glad you got to witness it in your parents, but also live it yourself.
    And I always thought Buffy and Angel were better than Buffy and Spike. He knew how to love her better πŸ™‚

  11. Special. Truly special. I grew up in a house that was worlds away from yours. You have been blessed with two wonderful teachers. Thank you for this beautiful insight. True love stories are quite simply bliss.

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